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German Sky Group

The Heart and Brain of German Sky Group.

His taste and passion for designing sprouts a new concept to build his own company. German Sky Group was born out of hard work, dedication, and selfless ambition. Headed by Mehrad himself, he established the business with a team of licensed and professional designers from different specializations to bring out the best kinds.

Located in the luxurious city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mehrad Interiors has built a reputation on achieving highly individual results for a discerning, international clientele. Guided by clients’ aspirations, as well as their diverse experiences, the firm designs singular interiors, which allow clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.

Supported by an underlying thread of sustainable quality, Mehrad Interiors ensures that the clients’ greatest investment is also their greatest source of comfort, pride and self-expression.

We believe that change is constant that is why we continue to be innovative and not afraid of accepting new learnings and challenges. Contact us today to start an elegant change!

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